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  • User Description: The clear message is that Islam, or any spiritual affiliation, is no club to integration; though some Muslims, like users of other immigrant teams, don't look for to incorporate into culture. Rather, the matter can lie in the framework regarding the receiving culture. Significantly, this isn't to accuse Western communities per se to be racist or Islamophobic. The difference between personal and structural kinds of discrimination pays to. Prejudice contrary to the unknown and acceptance of this known is just a feature that is common of therapy. But, it points towards the need for proactive efforts by governments, civil society actors, and spiritual (and inter-religious) organisations to improve awareness and understanding. For most Western communities, Islam remains largely an“other” that is unknown. Cultural and linguistic distinctions since well due to the fact development of immigrant “ghettos” have actually meant that, most of the time, an awareness or understanding of Muslims has not happened. Certainly, a number of studies have shown that in Western nations people usually greatly overestimate the numbers of Muslims present in society; this may cause worries of “invasion” or loss of social identification — the figures have undoubtedly been mistreated and manipulated by individuals with anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim agendas. To conquer such misperceptions, will and determination, as well as expertise, is necessary among organisations that can help develop good attitudes to integration and understanding. However, this really is easier in theory. Many politicians have jumped on populist bandwagons that contribute to Islamophobia with regards to their very own ends in the place of work with the general public effective. Additionally, much of the media is openly aggressive to immigrants and Islam. al-Andalusi is just a research other for Yaqeen Institute therefore the creator of the Andalusian venture, a separate research platform for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds degrees both in Western and Islamic Philosophy and is presently pursuing their Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He specializes in topics related to the philosophy of technology, atheism, terrorism, Islamic governmental idea and ethics, along with other issues surrounding the worldwide community that is muslim. I have written and alerted readers in this column dating back to 2014, even before IS became a monster that is globalnot just in Syria and Iraq), in the need, not only to defeat this insidious terror movement militarily but also to teach the alienated and disenchanted Muslim youths that are drawn to IS ideology and to explain to them why it is so wrong the culprit, vent their anger and inflict damage on innocent people for the suffering of the Muslims, especially the Palestinian people. The Palestinian conflict seems become the main cause celebre employed by Muslim extremists and terrorists to recruit disenchanted Muslim youngsters to join their movements. For nearly three decades since my pupil days in Britain, i've written about, campaigned and demonstrated within the campuses and roads for the liberties of this oppressed people that are palestinian the Zionist aggressor, Israel. Even I have supported and fought for the Palestinian cause on a matter of principle based on truth and justice, so yes, I do have the locus standi to defend the oppressed Muslim people and to write about the subject of Islamophobia though I am a non-Muslim. Like most smear campaigns, the proponents of Islamophobia created and promoted negative perceptions of the targeted group that they don't like or have a hidden agenda against. And like other smear campaigns, there are a few foundation used by the opponents of Islam to justify the stereotyping that is negative of as extremists and/or terrorists. The Muslim extremists and terrorists are mainly accountable for Islamophobia. These are typically falling straight into the "trap" for the enemies of Islam who're whipping up sentiments that are anti-Muslim. Since most terror attacks are caused by individuals professing to be "Muslim jihadists", it is easy for the right-wing white supremacists to use these incidents to market the negative perceptions of Muslims and Islam. The irony is that extremist Muslim supremacists in Muslim majority nations, including Malaysia, are utilizing comparable arguments or rationale against non-Muslim minorities since the ones employed by the extremist white supremacists against Muslim minorities within the West, who, just like the non-Muslim Asians and black individuals, also suffer with racism.

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